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Dear Madams and Sirs, dear esteemed customers,


At this point not Europe has been hit massively by the COVID-19 virus. We face a world wide crisis situation. Severe quarantine measures and travel restrictions are in place.

However the Kohlbach team will use every available mean and try to keep up our service and support for you through the difficult times.

Our technical emergency phone-hotline is fully staffed and at your service in case of technical emergencies with your plant. Please call +43 (04352) 2157-333- and we will support you by remote access and by phone assistance to solve any problem and keep up your operation!

Still we have to ask for your forgiveness that there will occur delays and problems with delivery of spare parts or on site services due to the current pandemia. Any dispatch of material or personnel on site has to be checked and reviewed individually and depends on impossed restrictions and laws, also in neighboring countries, as well as from travel sanctions, like unavailability of flights!

In addition to our Service head quarter in Austria, also our regional Service centers in Germany, Croatia, France and Switzerland are available for your support.