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KohlbachCompact complete boiler systems in containerized form can be installed ready for operation in the shortest time possible. The available heating capacity ranges from 400 kW to 2,000 kW. Delivery is in pre-assembled modules and so only a few days are required until the system is completely assembled and commissioned. The compact biomass heating plant can be flexibly integrated into existing structures without high costs for necessary buildings. In comparison to conventional heating solutions with KohlbachCompact the builder has a minimal workload with manageable investment costs and a single contact partner for all concerns. The customer has only to provide a foundation plate and the connection to electricity and water supply as well as the heat consumers for the KohlbachCompact heating plant.


  • Container design: Robust design, so that the container including boiler and equipment can be lifted in by a crane and so that any subsequent change on location can be implemented quickly and simply
  • Housing variant: Cost-effective variant to replace the boiler room, but not able to be moved as a container

KohlbachCompact equipment

  • Container boiler house / housing, silo container
  • Fuel loading
  • All pumps, piping and distributers
  • Water treatment system
  • Expansion system
  • Comprehensive thermal insulation
  • Boiler plant for warm or hot water
  • Control system
  • Fully automatic boiler cleaning
  • Ash discharge
  • Flue gas scrubbing, chimney system
  • Online remote maintenance system