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K12 System

Combustion technology

Central flow furnace with moving grate and water cooled compression zone

Furnace thermal output

4,000 to 18,000 kW


Water content[%weight]: 20 to 60 % depending on configuration

Size [nominal length mm]: 30 to 100

Maximum ash content [% weight]: 10


  • Mechanical de-ashing OR automatic ash discharge to reduce operational maintenance workload and thus guarantee  extended run times between maintenance shut-downs
  • Available with hydraulic loading for heterogeneous fuels OR with auger loading for optimum fine infeed dosage of fine fuels.
  • Suitable for all boiler systems (water, steam and thermal oil)

Supplementary equipment

  • Flue gas recirculation and/or air pre-heating for additional expansion of the range of usable fuels
  • Available SNCR injection or downstream SCR catalysers for use in particularly sensitive and emission-protected regions
  • Special version also available for the admixing of specified agrarian biomass (miscanthus, corncobs, etc.) upon customer request

Your benefits by Kohlbach

  • adiabatic centre-flow furnace for optimised efficiency and lowest emissions even with very heterogeneous fuel material
  • Equipped with hydraulic moving grate, also suitable for very wet and dirty fuels with very high ash content (up to A10), as well as for 100% wet bark, landscaping residues, Nawaro wood, etc.
  • No arches thus preventing ash deposits and significantly reducing maintenance workload
  • Hydraulic fuel feed with shearing devices for fault-free feeding even with wet and rough fuel materials
  • Reliable nominal power with all usable fuels and degrees of water content
  • Reliable long operating life of the furnace thanks to full refractory lining and grate frame construction being cooled with water
  • A cooled infeed zone fully to extend the lifespan and improve the partial load operation, startup and shutdown behaviour.
  • Rapid and simple installation thanks to pre-assembled modules