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The combustion systems from Kohlbach are already equipped with a pre-dedusting device for the flue gas located in a re-burning zone specially designed for the purpose. Further dedusting is implemented with multi-cyclones (centrifugal separators), electrostatic filters, fabric filter, etc. depending on the size of the plant and legal stipulations. Our systems comply with all legal regulations and subsidisation conditions for the reduction of emissions (the air pollution control act, BImSchV [solvent regulation], FAV, QM heating stations, etc.) - for the most part the emissions from our systems lie significantly below these threshold values.


  • Multi-cyclone: The dust is pre-separated here at < 150 mg/Nm³ (half-hour average value) by the principles of centrifugal separation.
  • Flue gas scrubber: Just as with the multi-cyclone, the scrubber serves to remove dust, however the particles that form the dust can be reduced further by using a washing fluid than with the centrifugal separation.
  • Electrostatic filter: This is used to remove dust up to a dust content of <10 mg/Nm³ (half-hour average value).
  • Bag and fabric filter: Bag and fabric filters can be employed downstream to reduce the fine dust content further to < 5 mg/Nm³.
  • SNCR injection or SCR catalysers: These are employed to reduce the NOx values in particularly sensitive and emission protected regions.
  • Special solutions possible at any time upon request