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Plant optimisation

"Stay with the times and or time will pass you by" - this also applies for your plant. Our service technicians are happy to advise you on plant optimisation and modernisation, so you can be satisfied with your plant for decades to come.

We are happy to inspect plants of all makes and manufacturers for efficiency and the latest technical options for improvements. Contact us about the optimisation or modernisation of your existing plant - we can find an efficient and reliable solution for it!

Kohlbach optimisation for your biomass heating plant

  • Biomass fuel logistics with new shearing technology for heterogeneous fuels
  • Reinforcement and equipping of feed cone on grate combustion devices
  • Upgrade of combustion chambers to the latest moving grate technology for fully automatic operation
  • Automatic ash removal from combustion chamber to storage location
  • Emissions optimisation with ceramic lining in the latest combustion chamber geometry
  • Combustion optimisation through reconfiguration and upgrade of the air supply
  • Retrofitting with fully automatic single pipe cleaning systems for heat exchangers
  • Modernisation of control systems for reduction of electrical power consumption and for increased efficiency
  • And much more