Changing with the times


Founding by Jakob Kohlbach. Post-war era, everything was tight. Even by then supposedly worthless post-war scrap was being converted into usable products.


The first of many patents: Wood drying and room heating in a single chamber: With the first of many subsequent patents, today's production programme was started.


Kohlbach makes a name for itself in neighbouring countries: Already, over 50% of the complete turnover is generated through the exporting of systems.


Kohlbach, further innovation: With the SchuHi Jakob Kohlbach developed a moving grate for wet fuel - later further developed and known as system K8.


New company structure: Jakob Kohlbach retires. The company is reorganised into Kohlbach GmbH & Co.


The honorary ring of the city of Wolfsberg is bestowed upon Jakob Kohlbach for his life's work and service.


The ISO 9001 quality management is enhanced through environmental management and acknowledged through receiving the EMAS- certificate from the minister for the environment in person.


The Kohlbach group resumes work on the 1st June with further increased energy and a new structure.


The major business award "Der Primus" from the "Kleinen Zeitung" newspaper for the "Stille Größe" [Quiet Grandeur] category was awarded to the Kohlbach group.


Kohlbach opened the new Factory in Bleiburg". With a manufacturing depth unique in this industry, Kohlbach confirms its high demands for quality, reliability and expertise with the motto "If it says Kohlbach on it, Kohlbach is what's in it".


With still so strong energy as in the past 70 years the Kohlbach Group continues ist work with a new structure and implement Projects on all continents with great success..