Increase benfit. Sustainably.

We are an Austrian company that manufactures biogenic energy solutions for the international market. With our work we bear an economic, environmental and social responsibility for present and future generations.

"Increase benefit. Sustainably." is our goal in all areas for long-term business. We want to produce good stable profits because this is a prerequisite for the sustainable successful development of the company. For our environment, for our children, for our employees and for Kohlbach itself.

We promote our employees' careers through innovative training concepts. From this we deliver first-class product and service quality for sustainable business relationships lasting over generations. With our own research team we are able to find new individual solutions flexibly and quickly.

We strive for self-sustained long-term growth. Our goal is to increase our market share through qualitative growth and to fulfil the requirments of our customers in the future with innovative products. For the sustainable economic, ecological and social benefit of all involved.