Always a step ahead – Progress

Numerous prizes for innovation, patents and technologies are visible results of our continuous efforts in research and development within the field of renewable energies.

With its own research and development capabilities the Kohlbach group is in a position to carry out significant R&D work in-house and to provide valuable contributions in research cooperations. The Kohlbach group has its own testing systems and also access to hundreds of different plants both domestically and abroad. We are able to quickly construct test benches, measurement systems and prototypes ourselves and also to operate these. In addition we also have multifaceted engineering and manufacturing capabilities and our own measurement and analysis equipment as well as complementary simulation tools.

With the access to these valuable personnel, know-how and technological and material resources the Kohlbach group offers ideal conditions for the rapid realisation of research and development projectsThus there is strong demand by national and international research institutes and universities for our cooperation as an industrial partner. In the spirit of our founder, we are delighted to be able to offer our services in participating in research and development projects.

The promotion of academic youth is a particular social concern in our company.

The Kohlbach group is continuously involved with the support and promotion of students both at home and abroad whilst they complete their diploma thesis and dissertations with professional support, specially adapted employment situations or technical expertise. Likewise, we also offer valuable opportunities for students to carry out their student research or to spend their practical placement with us.