The most important factors at Kohlbach are not the buildings or the machines. The most important factor is the people with their ideas, with the courage to try something new. Those who "increase benefit" with their ingenuity and perseverance. People like my father Jakob Kohlbach, who never concerned himself with the opinions of experts when they all said: "It won't work!‘. Try something new and achieve something under your own steam - that was his spirit. That is the Kohlbach spirit!"

Walter Kohlbach (owner).

Ideas People Energy by Kohlbach

Ideas: At Kohlbach you can introduce your creative ideas and suggestions. In ideal cases you can realise them yourself and turn your ideas into ours. We strive towards continuous improvements and innovations in order to offer our customers the best possible benefit. Constructive and appreciative cooperation in small teams and our extensive training and career opportunities open up exciting horizons to you.

People: 180 employees already work day-to-day with great dedication, pride and a sense of responsibility to shape Kohlbach and in doing so create its international success. The comprehensive opportunities of an innovative, international company with many different opportunities and careers, are open to anyone who decides that they would like to be part of shaping Kohlbach.

Energy: With great energy and many shrewd ideas Kohlbach employees shape the field of renewable energy. Our task and duty in this world is the sustainable and efficient provision of energy from clean biomass.

Kohlbach: Kohlbach is an internationally active company in energy plant construction with the focus on biomass. We are a distinguished apprentice training centre and one of the largest employers in the region. For our work and goals, we bear an economic, environmental and social responsibility for present and future generations. With ideas, people and energy.