What types of fuel can be used with Kohlbach systems?

In principle all natural wood-like products and residual products (wood pellets, sawdust, bark, wood chips, landscaping residues, etc.) are suitable for energy generation with Kohlbach systems.
Likewise, solutions for using straw as a fuel are also available and special solutions can be developed for other biogenic energy sources upon request.
Absolutely unsuitable for clean energy generation with Kohlbach systems are:
waste, dung, special waste or fossil fuels


Does Kohlbach also build oil and gas boilers?

No. Kohlbach has stood for decades exclusively for clean and economical energy from biomass.


Are there Kohlbach systems for small consumers?

No. Kohlbach systems are customer-tailored energy solutions for industry, buildings and remote heating. So, Kohlbach products are only available for consumers with a heat demand of at least 400 kW.


Why are biomass power plants environmentally friendly?

Burning biomass only releases as much CO2 as the plants have absorbed beforehand whilst growing. For that reason there is no additional CO2 introduced into the natural CO2 circuit.


What is biomass?

Biomass means all biogenic (bios = Greek for living) materials. These are bark, sawdust, chips from wood splinters, shavings and farm chips. All untreated and natural, of course. "The burning of any waste or sewage sludge must be excluded!"